Study Abroad Awards Application

Study Abroad Awards Application

Students who are planning to study abroad are eligible to apply for the Devin Turner Spirit of Adventure and the Val Trombley Study Abroad awards.

Application Requirements

As part of this application, you will be required to upload 2 documents and submit a final report:

1. Upload a one-page summary of your international education or practicum experience. Include a description of what inspires you to study/work abroad, your work/the school you will be attending, and what you hope to learn.

2. Upload a one-page summary table (excel/word) of your anticipated expenses and funding sources for the trip. Include costs for flights, visas, travel vaccinations, study materials, etc. Funding sources include your savings, other scholarships/grants, etc.

3. Final Report: Successful applicants must submit a two-page (max) story and learning report to the Financial Aid Office ( within one month of returning from your international education or practicum experience.