Selkirk College Emergency Assistance Application

Selkirk College Emergency Assistance Application

The Selkirk College Emergency Assistance program is intended to support current Selkirk College students who may be experiencing unplanned and unexpected financial hardship in emergency situations.

You must indicate on the form:

- your current financial resources and
- a detailed breakdown of the unforeseen expense

Consideration for this funding will be determined through and analysis of demonstrated financial need and any supporting documentation you can provide.

Note to Canadian students: It is expected that Canadian students will have demonstrated that they have applied for all other available funding sources including student loans.

Note to International students: If you are a 1st year student on a study permit in Canada, you have already declared that you are able to financially sustain yourself through the Visa application process. Any applications will be reviewed against this criteria.

Examples of emergency costs:

1. Food
2. Unexpected travel expenses
3. Living expenses
4. Accessing high speed internet to complete online courses
5. Loss of income, ie: job layoff or reduced hours
6. Supports to enable the ability to study remotely

Eligibility criteria:

1. Full or part-time Selkirk College students who are currently enrolled for the Fall 2023 and/or Winter 2024 semesters.

2. Demonstrated financial distress as a direct result of unforeseen expenses.

Note:The emergency student relief fund is not intended as a "regular" source of income.